A Typical Meeting

A Typical Meeting

Every Woking Speakers meeting is different. Although we follow the same structure every time, all the roles are rotated between the members and as the subject of speeches are decided by the speaker themselves, we never know quite what we are going to get.

Without fail though, we have fun and learn.

The meetings begin with a warmup where every member of the audience is asked to speak for 15 seconds about the same topic – if you are a guest you are allowed to “pass” if you wish.

We then move on to 4 prepared speeches. The presenters will range from absolute beginners to advanced speakers.

After a break, the second half of the evening begins with the evaluation of the speeches. This is where more advanced speakers give feedback regarding the strengths shown by the speakers. Suggestions are made for improvement next time.

The final part of the agenda concerns Table Topics. This is impromptu speaking where the topic is given just prior to the performance. The goal is to create a mini speech of 1-2 minutes with a clear beginning, middle and end.

After the meeting, we all decant to the local pub to socialise!

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